EXO = Exchange Online
SPO = Sharepoint Online
OfB = Onedrive for Business
MDO = Microsoft Defender for Office
MDI = Microsoft Defender for Identity
MDE = Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
MDCA = Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
MDM = Mobile Device Management
MAM = Mobile Application Management
RBAC = Role Based Access Control
AAD = Azure Active Directory
ARM = Azure Resource Manager
DLP = Dataloss Prevention
VM = Virtual Machine
VNET = Virtual Network
MFA = Multi-Factor Authentication
IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service
PaaS = Platform as a Service
SaaS = Software as a Service
BCDR = Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
App = Application
API = Advanced Programming Interface
PAYG = Pay as you Go
FW = Firewall
CLI = Command-line Interface
ADDS = Active Directory Domain Services
AADDS = Azure Active Directory Domain Services
AFS = Azure File Sync Service
ASR = Atack Surface Reduction
EDR = Endpoint Detection and Response
LOB = Line of Business (apps)
SKU = Stock Keeping Unit

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