My course today: SC-100 Oslo

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– Godeploy explained here, Godeploy support here,
– Skillable Explained here
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All applied skills credentials @ Microsoft Learn here
All Microsoft Learning Rooms @ Microsoft Tech Community here
Built you own M365 lab here and here
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How to prepare for Microsoft Exams here and here

Courseware links
AZ-104 AZ-140 AZ-204 AZ-305 AZ-400 AZ-500 AZ-700 AZ-800 AZ-801 AZ-900
MS-102 MS-700 MS-900 MS-4004 MS-4005 MS-4006
SC-100 SC-200 SC-300 SC-400 SC-900

Latest Lab updates
AZ-104. AZ-140. AZ-305.
SC-100. SC-200. SC-300. SC-400

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